MATT. 28 VS 18-20; MARK 16:15-18

  • The word strategy means A PLAN DESIGNED TO ACHIEVE A LONG TERM AIM.
  • Evangelism is the heart beat of God.
  • Jesus did the two but more on PERSONAL EVANGELISM. John 4;
  • HE SENT HIS DISCIPLES TO DO SO:- Matt. 10 :1; Luke 10:1,17-19;Mark 3:14; Mark 6:7;Mark 9:1
FORMS OF EVANGELISM There were only 2 types of evangelism(1) Mass Evangelism

* Includes Open air crusades, major church conventions, Village Evangelism, Central Market Crusades, Beach and Park Crusades etc. Minor Mass Evangelism Techniques are also employed in Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Outreaches, Hotel meetings e.g. full Gospel Businessmen fellowship. Bus Evangelism, Team witnessing.

(2) Personal Evangelism (Soul Winning)

* It is the call of God on every Christian. Luke. 19:10.

* Christ took time to demonstrate it In.4.

* It is what turns you from being a spectator Christian to a motivator Believer; becoming a true fisher of men.

We are to personally seek out the sinners and bring then in- Luke, 14:23. Personal soul winning includes Door to door, House to House, Person to Person, Letter evangelism, welfare evangelism.

* Soul winning is done out where the sinners are, not inside church building. The early apostles were busy daily in the temple for fellowship and in every house for witnessing Acts. 5:42, Acts. 11: 19­21,20:19-21.

Adequate preparations are required for success in evangelism both physical and Spiritual.

  • Physical-especially mass evangelism, there is the need for good money to provide good lightings, good stage, public address system, rentals of chairs, bush clearing, food for workers, securing security personnel provision of literatures, decision slips, posters, flyers, hand bills, banners, Radio and Television Announcements, bill boards, Lodging, first-aid equipments and Transportations. It is required to set up various committees to handle each aspect of the planning Spiritual – Chain prayers, fasting, training of counselors, ushers, Deliverance Team, On the spot Intercessors, Warfare Task Force God’s Enforcement Agents (G.E.A). Isa. 62:1, 6&7.
  • Archbishop Idahosa said “Prayerful preparation prevents poor performance”. Our success on the mission field is based 90% on our preparation before we embark on the assignment.
  • Appropriate consultations should be made to secure permission if such is required by Govt.


Salvation is personal; Christ must live in us personally. In. 14:23.

* You cannot be an effective witness for Christ except you have experience His salvation.

* Be truly born- again with a testimony and filled with the Holy Spirit. II Tm. 1:12-14.

* There must be a meeting place with Christ even as Saul met Him on the way to Damascus Acts. 26:12-19.

* Be sure you are born-again or else you are a false witness.

1. There must be an assurance of Salvation.

2. Freedom from unconfused sin you must stand blameless.

3. Your must have a passion for souls, a love for sinners. I Cor. 9,16,22&23

4. A life of witness the beauty of Christ must shine in us, Act. 4:13

5. A readiness to speak out the message of salvation Rm. 10:14,lpt.3:15

6. Learn to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, leaving the result to God. Acts. 8:35­39.

7. Study the Scriptures and know the appropriate words/quotations that are suitable or relevant to the subject matter. II Tm. 2:15, In. 5:39


It is the Great commission God’s heartbeat for now- Matt. 24:14, Mk. 16:15

The responsibility of every believer Luke. 9:1 &2,10: 1, Matt. 28:18-20

1. We are to preach to all creatures and make disciples of all the Nations

2. The urgency of the matter Eph. 5:15&16, II Tm.4:2, II Cor. 6:2

3. The importance of the matter Rm.1:16

4. The compulsion of the assignment I cor. 9:16

5. The power of the Gospel in Transformation. In. 1 :12

6. The joy of the gospel is Hope.

Col. 1 :27, In. 14:1-3

7. The message of the Gospel is Christ crucified and resurrected. In. 3:16, Acts. 4:10-12

8. The method of Evangelism is Simplicity and Clarity. I Cor. 2:1­5

9. The Strategy of Evangelism is Versatility and Adjustability I Cor. 9:22-27

10. The Ingredients of evangelism is Love, Grace and Faith Eph. 2:4-9.

11. The Price of evangelism is Praying and Fasting 1Tm. 2:1­6

12. The Strength and dynamics of evangelism is the Holy Spirit Acts. 1:8

13. The Goal of evangelism is Salvation and Discipleship. Acts. 10:42&43, In 8:31

14. The Reward of evangelism is crown of Righteousness II Tm. 4:8, Rev. 3:11

15. The Mark of True Discipleship is commitment Lk.14:33.

Commitment is what separate doers from dreamers and professions from professors. Be genuinely committed to the Task.


1. Never aim at just one sin, preach Christ forgiveness and New life.

2. Don’t be involved in an argument II Tm. 2:16 Titus. 3:9-11

3. Don’t give a tract you haven’t read

4. Don’t neglect follow-up, conversion of a soul does not end in a day.

5. Strive lawfully 2 Tm. 2:5. Don’t color the facts or express half-truths in order to make an impression. Give true testimonies.

6. Refuse to be provoked or embarrassed. Maintain your cool.

7. Don’t make yourself a nuisance by frequent visits, insisting on decision. We are to inform and not to enforce. Rather persuade and encourage.

8. As you close the discussion remember to take their prayer points and with politeness ask if you can pray. Don’t appear super-spiritual.

9. Use few scriptures and work on the curiosity of the unbeliever.

10. Remember to first bring the people to Christ on your knees before you take the message of the Gospel to them.

11. Dress well, maintain a good personal hygiene, reflect the glory and beauty of the Lord

12. Be bold and confident, make your boast in the Lord expressing unshaken faith in the power of Christ. PS.44:4&8, Pro. 3:26.



* List names of sinners you know 5 to 10 and pray for them

* Join hands with another believer to pray for their conversion.


* Look for an opportunity and do good to them


* Tell them about Jesus and Salvation


* Invite them to the church and the church programmes.

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